How to recover user emails in Microsoft 365

บทความนี้ มาเหล่าๆเรื่องการ Recovery mail บน Office365 กันน่ะครัช.
โดยการ Recovery ได้ทั้งบน Delete item และ Recovery item delete
!!! ลอง มา หน๊ำ กันเด้อ !!!


Get-RecoverableItems -Identity | fl 

#search for all deleted items from a user’s mailbox, use:
Get-RecoverableItems -Identity | select subject, lastmodifiedtime, SourceFolder

Get-RecoverableItems -Identity | select identity, subject, lastmodifiedtime, itemclass

# find emails deleted in the last two days only:
Get-RecoverableItems -FilterStartTime (get-date).adddays(-2) -FilterItemType IPM.Note | select Identity,Subject,LastmodifiedTime

#You can easily search through all mailboxes for particular messages. In that case, it’s best to use a detailed search query. This way, the cmdlet will not produce an overwhelming number of results:
foreach ($mailbox in $mailboxes) {Get-RecoverableItems -SubjectContains "test" -FilterStartTime (get-date).adddays(-2) -FilterItemType IPM.Note | select Identity,Subject,LastmodifiedTime}

#The easiest way to recover this data is to add Restore-RecoverableItems in a pipeline, following the query which finds the items to be restored:
Get-RecoverableItems -Identity -SubjectContains "<SubjectMail>" | Restore-RecoverableItems

#recovery all
Get-RecoverableItems -Identity | Restore-RecoverableItems

#You can also use the Restore-RecoverableItems cmdlet independently. For example, to restore all items deleted by specific users, run

Restore-RecoverableItems -Identity ""


Restore-RecoverableItems -Identity "",""


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